5 Must-Visit Places In The US For Your Summer Trip

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From captivating coastlines to sublime mountain ranges, there is so much you can see in United States of America (USA). Although there are numerous places in USA you need to see at least once , we have included just the top 5 for you.

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1. Walt Disney-World’s Magic Kingdom

It is every kid’s dream to visit their favorite Disney characters once. And what best place to realize this dream than Disney World. It is located in Florida and is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Disney world includes some notable treats such as:
> 2 water parks,
>A camping resort,
>4 theme parks and
>27 Disney themed resort hotels. People regard it as one of the best theme park in the entire world. It is a place of fairy tales and princesses and visiting the park gives you a much needed break from reality.

2. Times Square

Times Square is a major tourist attraction centre in New York. But it is not really a square, it is basically an intersection of Broadway and Midtown Manhattan. Times Square is known for its huge billboards, variety of performers, Planet Hollywood & Naked Cowboy.
The square is also popular for dropping of New Year’s eve ball, airing of Good morning America and experiencing football in a new way at NFL experience. Also from 11:57 p.m to midnight, all billboards broadcast the same message every day.

3. Northern Lights

There are only few things in the world which gives the same thrill as watching the Northern Lights in USA. It is one of the best spectacular light show that Mother Nature has to offer.
There are various places in America where northern lights are visible such as Fairbanks in Alaska, as well as the Beaver Bay in Minnesota and the Priest Lake in Idaho. Alaska is probably the best place out of the above to catch northern lights. It got the best vantage points and most common sightings of northern lights.

4. Mount Rushmore

Around 3 million people visit Mount Rushmore every year. It is one of the most impressive national tourism places paying tribute to country’s four previous presidents- Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.
After seeing the carvings, one can also visit the Sculpture studio, go hiking trails, as well as tour the Lincoln Borglum-Museum and the Evening Sculpture lighting ceremony. Mt Rushmore is located in South Dakota and does not have any entrance fees for the visitors.

5. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado River and this process started somewhat 70 million years ago. It is one of the most visited tourism place in USA. The canyon is divided into North and south rims, where North rim is closed in winters but south rim is open all year round.
If you are entering the canyon via the south entrance, you can go to the visitor centre and know a little history and buy souvenirs. The park staff is also very friendly and can answer your important questions about hiking and major attractions in the area.
USA is known for its variety of tour places that you can visit and we have included the best and popular 5 on our article. Make sure to plan your trip seamlessly by taking the services of professional car rental service providers such as rental24h.