Family-friendly Skiing Destinations In The USA

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Skiing is many things to many people. To some, it is a means of transportation (cue in the Eskimos), to others, it is a competitive, medal-winning, winter sport while for the rest, and the focus of this article, it is a fun way to enjoy the winter months as the snow blankets everywhere.
This desire to have fun has led to the springing of many ski resorts in countries that get a large number of snowfalls, including the United States which has over 400 functional and serviced ski areas that cater to a variety of skiers. Tese resorts can be really hard to reach sometimes. Thus, avr airport van rental may be the best solutions for the situations of this kind.

For a beginner alone, or as a part of a family getaway, skiing can seem intimidating and even dangerous if you have no skills. Some might even think it is an expensive venture but it is not. However, there are many resorts and go-to spots that are not looking to drain your pockets, have in place programs that cater to children and adults who are newbie skiers and incorporate fun activities that would involve the family as a unit.

Herein is a list of top ski resorts that combine family-friendly atmospheres with great skiing experiences. They are listed but not in order of importance neither is this list exhaustive. For a more exhaustive list, you can visit here for a full list of ski resorts in the USA.

Okemo Mountain Resort

This is situated in Ludlow, Vermont, a popular location for skiing due to the thick snowfall the area enjoys. The Resort categorizes new skiiers by age groups: Little Dippers (2-3 years old); Snow Stars (4-6 years old); Mountain Explorers (7-14 years old). It is off the road, easy to reach with a vehicle and has loads of rentals and lodging options. These features are a part of more which include:

• A mountain coaster.
• Ice skating
• Snowmobiles for children.
• Lodging
• 98% snowmaking coverage
• Consistently ranked high amongst the Vermont ski areas.

The resort also has packages and offers that would help a family get their money’s worth in a safe and controlled environment.

Steamboat Ski Resort

The Steamboat Ski Resort is located near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Its location is picturesque with a backdrop that seven mountain peaks. Overlooking the Yampa Valley, the resort s one of the largest in Colorado.

It is also a family-friendly ski resort with its many family events, holiday-themed events, and festivals. It features:

• Kids Vacation Centre
• Winter Carnival
• Open from December to March
• Spas and over 100 restaurants in the area
• A favorite haunt for Olympians

Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area

This resort, situated in the Yosemite National Park, California, is the oldest in California. It is a good spot for families as its many features ensure lots of fun and also a cozy feeling. For the children in the family, Yosemite is a very good choice and place to learn because of its:

• Relatively small size
Kids programs like the Badger Pups Downhill Ski program
• Cross-country skiing
• Ice skating and
• Snowboarding

Skiing as a family is a fun, memorable, bonding experience that can be done safely in the above-discussed locations and more in the USA which are easy to reach with vehicles and have many lodging and rental options.